Position Code: DC-ASRH-UNFPA State(s) in Which the Vacancies Exist: Madhya Pradesh

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4. Employment Details. (Please start with current/ most recent experience. If you have worked in more than one area/ post within the same organization, please enter details of the same separately):

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5. Areas of Specialisation. (Please note that your response to this part of the application form shall be scored and qualitatively assessed to confirm your suitability for the post. We accordingly urge you to carefully fill your response and provide adequate details.):

# Name of Organisation Details of Job Responsibilities, Tasks, Accomplishments, etc. to Demonstrate Specialisation Duration of Experience (in months) Location (City, State)
1. Experience in developing project plans for PH programmes :. (Please fill details of your experience in the row below):
2. Experience in data collection and analysis and disseminating the same:. (Please fill details of your experience in the row below):
3. Experience in capacity building of the project staff on project interventions and approaches to be used for various activities:. (Please fill details of your experience in the row below):
4. Experience of working with Government departments, highlighting specific exposure (if any) to working with Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Madhya Pradesh:. (Please fill details of your experience in the row below):

6. Details of Present & Expected Remuneration (in Rs.). (Please use this section to report your present gross remuneration and to provide details of expected remuneration for the position that you are applying for):

1. Present Remuneration:
a. Annual Salary/ Consultancy Fees: b. Other Allowances, if any. (Expressed annually, excluding components already included in a.): c. Gross Annual Salary and Allowances/ Consultancy Fees:
2. Expected Remuneration. (You will be engaged on a consultancy contract and expected to travel from time to time, as a part of your job responsibilities. Please use this section to indicate expected Professional Fees, and Daily Subsistence Allowance for Field Travel not requiring/ requiring Night Halt):
a. Monthly Professional Fees b. Daily Subsistence Allowance for Field Travel Outside Duty Station Not Requiring Night Halt (covering meals and incidental expenses)* c. Daily Subsistence Allowance for Field Travel Outside Duty Station Requiring Night Halt (covering meals, budget hotel stay and incidental expenses) *
( Notes:
(1) Vehicle support shall be provided by the company for travel outside duty station and this cost should not be included
(2) Cost of local travel within duty station shall be borne by the applicant
(3) Candidates are expected to have their own laptops and be internet connected. These items shall not be provided, nor their cost reimbursed.)

7. Computer Skills:

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(2) Proficiency in use of MS-Office
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c. Powerpoint

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10. Referees. (Please list three persons to whom you have reported professionally in the recent past, whom we can immediately approach for a reference. Please note that this process shall only be executed with candidates who are considered suitable post final interview stage.):

# Name Address Email Phone Organization Designation Your Professional Relationship with the Referee

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